Affiliate Program

Are you a wellness professional, healthcare provider or digital marketing professional? Become an affiliate. Our affiliate program has several models to choose from so you can pick the model that best fits your business.

Healthcare Providers

We provide wellness assessments for critical metrics, including blood pressure, blood glucose, lipids, weight and body composition. Also, we evaluate long-term risk projections of developing common conditions, such as heart disease and diabetes, based on the Framingham Heart Study.

Gyms and Trainers

Take your clients to their next levels of fitness by providing them with exercise and nutrition plans tailored to them – individual plans that are based on the latest genetic science. This information can guide you to recommend the best supplements for each of your clients.


Based on your clients’ genetics and body compositions, we build individual nutrition regimens that will help move them to a healthy weight. We calculate the ideal calories and macronutrients needed for your clients so that you can spend more time teaching, coaching and motivating.

Digital Marketing Professional

If you currently create content or market in the health, fitness and nutrition verticals, this is a program for you. Tracking via iDevAffiliate gives great flexibility and options. Tiered plans available. Our team is eager to help you grow your business.


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